History of the Hot Link

Mr. Charlie Hasselback, of German descent, brought the Hot Link recipe to Camp County, Texas in 1897.  Today they are known as the Pittsburg Brand Hot Links.

Hasselback was first located in the "Old Maddox Building" on Main Street and he sold the links over the counter for preparation at home.

Mr. Hasselback built an addition
to his building in 1918 and
began serving cooked links over the counter. The surroundings were not
elaborate; wooden counters and benches, the links were served with crackers on heavy market paper, and special hot sauce was provided in soda water bottles. Cold drinks were offered in many assorted flavors.  The links were 2 for .05 cents, 5 for .10 cents, and a dozen for a quarter. You could eat them there or carry them out, a custom that became popular with the housewife. Word about the links traveledfast. Pittsburg had two railroad lines and beforelong the crews on the trains scheduled their stopovers in Pittsburg and walked up the alley behind his place of business for their noon and early evening meals. Truckers and traveling salesmen also soon started coming.  People from other towns liked the links so much they tried to match the flavor of the links in grocery stores and meat markets but were unsuccessful. 
In later years, Gene Warrick started processing the hot links to sell in grocery stores and other retail outlets.  Pittsburg Hot Link Brand became "a Texas Tradition".  The original Pittsburg Brand Hot Link is available in grocery stores in Texas.   Although, the Original Pittsburg Brand Hot Link will always be the staple for every Hot Link eater.  The Premium Pittsburg Brand Hot Link is a favorite for Grilling.  This lean hot link was developed to help the average household prepare the Hot Links without causing a 4 alarm fire.  The Beef & Pork combo creates a wonderful flavor and is a nice addition to any barbecue.

Today, the Warrick Family continue to expand the legacy of  "a Texas Tradition" that many families have come to know as the Pittsburg Brand Hot Links. 

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